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Year 4

Understanding Sustainability — the Wellbeing of the Future

Underpinned by our Positive Education model, the Year 4 program is committed to providing hands-on, meaningful activities that develop independent, life-long learning, using a blended learning environment that encompasses direct instruction, as well as inquiry-based tasks. The Year 4 curriculum uses the unique bushland setting at Donvale to teach students about the local indigenous environment and broader world issues.

A strong emphasis is placed on imparting the value of sustainability for the wellbeing of future generations. This is done through composting, propagation and organically growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing food. As the year progresses, students experience the joy of growing their own vegetables, herbs, flowers and companion plants, and later harvest them for a harvest picnic. The program encourages the tasting of different types of plants after harvesting and cooking – tastes and smells that will accompany the student forever. It is hoped that the experiences gained during the year will have a lasting influence on the student’s behaviour, their understanding of gardening, healthy produce, and appreciate the effort and value of food production.

Plant rehabilitation is a focus, often working in conjunction with our local council and other community groups in Manningham. Our program promotes sustainable living from the Early Learning Centre through to Year 6.

The hallmark of the Year 4 curriculum is the provision of a stimulating learning environment that allows each child to embrace an independent, diverse yet highly supported learning pathway.

Home Tasks

In Years 3 to 6, home tasks are set to help students develop regular study habits and cater for the needs of all students.

For further information please see the page on Home Tasks.

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