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Year 5 Music


Year Level Description

Classroom Program

Throughout Year 5, students engage in a wide variety of singing, listening, playing and creative activities. Students are introduced to music from various cultural backgrounds. They listen to, discuss, analyse and create works from a variety of styles and times. For example, styles studied may include rap music, composing rounds and body percussion orchestras. Students learn folk songs, dances, instrumental works, and perform in small groups and as a class ensemble. In response, students develop their own original works and arrangements. Theory and aural knowledge and skills are further developed.

Band Program

In Semester 1, all Year 5 students learn a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. They receive small group tuition, focussing on their technical challenges of their chosen instrument. Students practise and perform as an ensemble. At the end of the semester, students perform as a large ensemble. Students with prior band-playing experience are extended and work on more advanced material, those who show promise are invited to join Mini-Bandit or Bandit.

Choral Program

All Year 5 students participate as members of the Years 5 and 6 Choir, providing them with the opportunity to further develop their singing and performance skills. Through a wide-ranging repertoire of unison and part songs, they learn to sing expressively with appropriate breath control, phrasing and interpretation. They become confident harmony singers as part-songs become more challenging.

Other Opportunities

Year 5 students may audition for Chamber Choir. Other groups they may be able to join after consultation include Fiddlesticks Orchestra, Sforzando Strings, Mini-Bandit (Beginner Band), Bandit (Advanced Concert Band) and Guitar Ensemble.

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year students are expected to:

  • discuss and recognise features within the genre and style of music studied;
  • develop a well presented project on a selected instrument;
  • create effective improvisations and compositions;
  • create and perform an effective arrangement/backing of a known song;
  • recognise syncopated and dotted rhythms both visually and aurally (syn-co-pa, tam-ti and tim-ka);
  • transcribe rhythms from unfamiliar aural examples;
  • increase speed of reading treble and bass notation;
  • identify and draw frequently used music symbols;
  • understand a wide range of musical terms;
  • develop their understanding of time signatures (insert bar lines, notes and rest to match time signatures);
  • actively participate in class activities and accurately perform a repertoire of songs, body percussion pieces, dances and other musical works;
  • demonstrate interpersonal skills through teamwork and ensemble performance;
  • critique and reflect on performances and musical works.