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Year 4 Library


Year Level Description

The program aims to assist students to use the library facilities independently for personal research and enjoyment. Students are taught to use simple reference material and understand the use of an index and table of contents to aid their selection of non-fiction materials.

Students are encouraged to continue regular reading. They read and discuss the literary elements of a wide range of novels within their Book Chat discussion groups.  They are encouraged to identify obvious themes and the sequence of main events in the novels they have read. They are helped to analyse characters and identify strong emotions that can be evoked and explored through literature.

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year students are expected to:

  • understand the purpose and structure of the Dewey Decimal Classification system;
  • identify and integrate relevant information from a range of materials;
  • analyse characters and identify the emotional component of literature;
  • identify and provide reasons for their point of view;
  • use their iPads for Spydus catalogue searches and simple research tasks;
  • use simple reference material on the Carey Libraries CareyLink pages.