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Year 5 Library


Year Level Description

The program incorporates the elements of Information Literacy to provide students with the skills to identify and locate the most appropriate resources needed for specific tasks. Students are encouraged to use the Spydus program effectively when searching on their iPads. They understand the need for information to be recorded in their own words and not plagiarise. Students read and discuss the literary elements of a wide range of novels in Book Chat. They discuss the elements of fiction and non-fiction books and recognise a variety of genres. Students are encouraged to read for enjoyment on a regular basis and to seek new titles and authors.

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year students are expected to:

  • recognise and discuss the features of a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres;
  • understand the structure of the Dewey Decimal Classification system, including the decimal point, when locating and returning books;
  • use multi-search terms to locate materials within Spydus;
  • identify and discuss historical perspectives wuthin narrative texts.