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Year 7 Interdisciplinary Learning Year 8 Interdisciplinary Learning Year 9 Interdisciplinary Learning

About the Learning Area

One of the hallmarks of a Carey Middle School education is the opportunity students have to learn in the real world, in a connected, holistic way.

Such an approach to learning is not confined to our Interdisciplinary units, but it is the basis on which these units of study have been created and refined. Because we learn in myriad different ways and because no single approach offers any person all the answers, we utilise a variety of approaches to learning to challenge and enrich the lives of students.

Primary education frequently focusses its learning on integrated, holistic experiences, acknowledging that everything in life is connected in some way to something else. In contrast, learning to look at the world through the windows of the traditional academic disciplines also contributes immeasurably to a student's understanding of themselves and their world. This is why, throughout the world, the overwhelming majority of secondary education systems are organised according to Learning Areas.

In the middle years, Carey seeks to capitalise on the benefits of each of these systems of learning by offering discipline-based learning in Learning Areas, as well as Interdisciplinary units of study. Every Middle School student studies an Interdisciplinary unit, spending some time beyond the boundaries of the School campus, learning on location and some time at school working with internal and external specialists. The Interdisciplinary units are as follows

  • Year 7: Environment
  • Year 8: Rural and Human Rights Convention
  • Year 9: Challenge Experience and Civics Week

There are three subjects which students can choose from our Elective program, which are not confined to a particular Learning Area.

  • Year 8 FYI: Innov8
  • Year 8 Change Makers
  • Year 9 FYI: Research Project
  • Year 9 Indigenous Studies

Experiential, interdisciplinary learning encourages students to observe the world around them and to gain a deep and holistic understanding of the natural and human systems at work in each place. A description of each of these units can be found using the links at the top of this page.