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Year 7 LOTE

Chinese (Continuation)



Students must have previously studied Chinese for a minimum of four semesters or equivalent.

Unit Description

Chinese (Continuation) is offered at Year 7 to students who have mastered the basics expected by this stage, so they can advance their vocabulary, writing skills and gain confidence using the language in guided situations.

The course is based on the textbook, Chinese Made Easy 1 and offers further development in the Chinese language and aspects of Chinese culture relevant to the topics covered.

In this unit students:

  • develop an understanding of Chinese characters and learn to read and write Chinese;
  • learn to speak Chinese and perform simple dialogues;
  • learn how to count in Chinese, how to greet each other, how to introduce oneself and others and how to describe everyday objects;
  • learn how to describe their family;
  • learn to describe jobs;
  • develop skills through a wide range of activities including language games, role-play, videos, writing tasks and computer assisted tasks.

All students who can communicate fluently orally and in written Chinese are required to study Indonesian or French in Middle School. In Senior School they can pursue the study of Chinese in first language classes or continue with their Middle School language. It is important that background information regarding students’ experience and proficiency in Chinese is provided during the subject selection process.



  • Unit tests - vocabulary, reading and grammar.
  • A variety of written and oral tasks.
  • Research and cultural projects.