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Year 8 Interdisciplinary Learning

Change Makers - Core Enrichment

Core Enrichment Unit

Unit Description

Are you ready to make the world a better place?

In this elective you will use your creative and critical thinking skills to explore a socially important problem that is relevant to you such as road safety outside the school, helping our elders remain independent, access to clean water for people in developing countries, or anything else that matters to you.

You will approach this problem from a design thinking perspective where you will:

  • Conduct research and source data to understand and explore your problem and communicate this to an audience, convincing them of the importance of your idea.
  • Work collaboratively using the design process to generate ideas, to prototype and critique them
  • Create a working product offering a solution to your initially identified problem.

You will then share your solution with others and seek feedback, until you can enact your change on a larger scale. Viola – you have changed the world!

You will ask yourself

  • What is a socially important problem that I can explore solutions for, using collaborative problem-solving skills and design thinking?
  • How can I convince an audience to support my creative problem-solving ideas?

This is a double elective. You will be able to get in the flow, engage in deep thinking and enjoy significant collaboration time.


  • Written report, presenting the research evidence for socially important problem that you have identified.
  • Green light pitch – communicating the data to convince an audience of the importance of your idea.
  • Creation of a working product.
  • Share and enact your solution.