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Year 8 Computing

Creative Silicon Chips

Elective Unit

Unit Description

This Computing elective offers a rich and differentiated Digital Technologies curriculum to students with a wide range of interests and skills. The program has a strong focus on self-directed learning and innovative assessment. It is designed with multiple entry and exit points for students to pursue their own path through a system of levelled learning modules.

Students may choose to study their own combination of selected modules to create a learning sequence that is relevant to their passions and skills. Modules will range from beginner to advanced.

For students new to computing, this course will provide an introduction to basic Digital Technologies such as creating your own website, game or mobile app. For students with prior knowledge and skills, this course would provide meaningful challenges which would extend and enrich both their technical capacities and their ability to apply computational and design thinking to solve real world problems.

Assessment focusses on growth and progress, application of the Carey Learner Attributes in addition to skill achievement. Skill development is contextualised within solving real world problems, for example programming a robot to deliver a first aid kit to a remote location or designing a website to promote awareness of the impact of plastic bags on our environment and sell alternatives to consumers.

Students will be able to choose this elective for either one or both semesters.

Levelled Learning Modules (students will select one or more)

•      Website design and programming (from WiX to HTML and JavaScript).

•      Robotics (EV3 Mindstorm and Arduino).

•      Basic block coding (Scratch).

•      Intermediate coding with Python.

•      Advanced coding with object-oriented Python and simple algorithmics.

•      Mobile Apps Development on Android (MIT App Inventor and Java).

•      Game development (Game Maker and Unity).


  • Pre-tests to determine appropriate entry level.
  • Mastery Tasks to level up.
  • Team Projects focusing on Carey Learner Attributes.