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Year 8 Physical Education

Invent a Sport

Elective Unit

Unit Description

Every sport has to start somewhere and it's time for a new sport to be invented! What would happen if you took all of the best aspects of your favourite sports and combined them to invent a completely new sport? This kind of thinking has brought us many new, crazy and fun team sports. 

This elective is designed to give students the opportunity to use their creativity to invent a new sport for Australia — ​you may even invent the next big thing in sport!

Students work in small groups, following this sequence, to invent their new sport.

  • Research: Examine the history of particular sports and how they were developed.
  • Negotiate: Work with a small group about the type of sport to invent.
  • Design: Plan the rules, equipment needed, number of players, safety considerations, playing area etc.
  • Trial: Pilot the newly invented sport within the small group.
  • Refine: Make any necessary adjustments and modifications.
  • Present: Introduce the newly invented sport to the rest of the class.
  • Evaluate: Self and peer assessment in relation to the success of the newly invented sport.

This unit provides students with an opportunity to:

  • engage actively with and explore components of game play (skills and strategy) and, in turn, construct a deeper understanding of these components;
  • think critically about their experiences in playing games and sports;
  • learn how to work co-operatively and collaboratively solve problems in groups;
  • construct, examine and revise connections between old and new knowledge;
  • set realistic and achievable goals;
  • develop an understanding about what makes a good leader;
  • learn the attributes of a good coach;
  • demonstrate their knowledge of fair play;
  • use their initiative by recognising opportunities for improvements and implementing them into their sport;
  • grow in confidence with regards to leading and coaching a sport.


  • Participation.
  • Plan and design a new invented sport.
  • Coaching and presenting the newly invented sport.
  • Self-assessment.
  • Peer-assessment.