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Year 8 Mathematics


Support Unit


Numeracy is only selected upon recommendation by the School and is designed for students who experience difficulty with mathematics.

Unit Description

The content and assessment tasks of Year 8 Mathematics are intentionally modified for Numeracy students. This allows students to focus on developing core concepts and experience success in their learning. It is possible for students of Numeracy to re-enter mainstream mathematics classes if their understanding of the course is of a sufficient standard.

The Numeracy course follows the Victorian Curriculum. By extending the number line, students evaluate problems involving negative numbers. Indices are explored and the scientific calculator is introduced and used in estimation and calculation where appropriate. Students also interpret, calculate and apply percentages in everyday situations. Ratios are studied and applied to practical problem-solving. The study of algebra is continued as students improve their ability to manipulate algebraic expressions and then use these skills in formal equation solving.

Later in the year the focus is on measurement and statistics. Measurement of circles involving area and circumference is made possible through an introduction to pi. The student's knowledge of area and volume is extended and the concept of total surface area is introduced. Students discover linear relationships and sketch graphs of these relationships. They also analyse data obtained from real life situations and are introduced to the geometry of parallel lines.


  • Topic tests.
  • Collaborative tasks.
  • Semester tests.