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Year 8 Interdisciplinary Learning

Rural Victoria

Common Unit

Unit Description

Year 8 Rural Experience is part of a three-week program, combining with the Outdoor Education Hattah Camp and the Human Rights Convention. Rural builds on the students' experiences in the Year 7 Environment unit and provides a contrast to the Urban Experience which follows in Year 9.

To understand Australia as a country and to fully appreciate the nature of its people, it is necessary to have some experience and understanding of rural Australia. From the very beginnings of European settlement, we have been a highly urbanised society and yet rural Australia, or the bush, has always been very important. So many Australian heroes have come from rural Australia, we remain reliant on minerals and farm products to provide our food, clothing and wealth. Most Australian urban dwellers have few links with the country and this is also true of the Carey community.

Studying and visiting parts of rural Victoria helps students to better understand our State and our people. They come to appreciate the immense variety of activities that take place daily in the country, experience a different pace of life and contrasting views of the world. Students consider issues associated with rural communities such as their struggle to sustain important services like hospitals, banks and even football teams. Students engage in activities including farm visits, discussions with local community organisations, tree planting with Landcare Australia, factory tours, creative writing and town visits.


While the Rural program is not formally assessed, students develop a journal and complete a variety of multi-disciplinary activities.