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Year 8 Drama

Theatre for Young Audiences

Elective Unit

Unit Description

How do I interpret a play script?

How do I work collaboratively to create an effective performance?

In this highly practical subject, students work collaboratively in the exploration and imaginative realisation of a playscript.They are encouraged to consider how to fully understand the playscript and how to communicate it through performance elements. They explore a range of theatrical styles and creatively employ these styles to assist in the creation of character and the development of an effective performance. Students have opportunity to view a professional production.

Students participate in workshops which develop their understanding of how simple visual elements assist in communication. They learn how to make imaginative choices to interpret playscripts. The semester culminates in a short performance.

Please note: Students are required to choose at least one Elective unit from Drama or Music in either Year 8 or Year 9. 


  • Create and present a simple theatrical design concept.
  • Contribute creatively and effectively to development of a short performance work.
  • Reflect on their understanding of theatrical styles and concepts covered in the course.