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Year 9 Interdisciplinary Learning

City Challenge Week

Common Unit

Unit Description

Carey students live in a highly urbanised society, in a growing and increasingly complex physical, social and cultural structure called a city.

Cities have become increasingly important phenomena in the 20th and 21st centuries — a pattern set to continue well into the current millennium. Yet most of our students actually live in a suburban context, some have little experience in, or exposure to, the city.

Most Carey students will live their lives in or near a major city and for this reason it is important that they have an opportunity to learn about the urban environment. By transferring the centre of their learning from Kew to Melbourne's Central Business District, students experience directly the daily life of Melbourne. They explore the richer and the poorer parts of town, Melbourne's daytime and early morning life, the important structures that keep our city functioning, the work, leisure and pleasures of life in our capital city.

Students will develop their Positive Learner Attributes as they participate in an Amazing Race around the city, take part in some community service activities, participate in an empathy activity and challenge themselves in a group task.  


During the week, students are expected to complete a number of set activities and daily reflections.