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Year 9 Interdisciplinary Learning

Civics and Citizenship

Common Unit

Unit Description

This week-long Interdisciplinary unit provides students with the knowledge and skills to understand what it means to be a citizen of Australia, including an active understanding of democracy. Students investigate the political and legal systems in our society and study democratic values such as, freedom of speech and the press, equality before the law, government accountability, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals to participate in decision-making.

Students also explore the levels of Government and some local issues. Opportunities to contribute as members of our society in a voluntary capacity are also discussed.

The historical foundations of our country and society are considered, as is the development of Australia as a multicultural society and Australia's role in a globalised world.

In this unit students have the opportunity to design and run an election campaign, thus developing their understanding of the Australian electoral system.


Students complete a digital workbook on OneNote and a guided reflection task for each day.