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Year 9 Drama


Elective Unit

Unit Description

'The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation.' Stella Adler, theatre practitioner.

This unit builds on the Year 8 Drama course, however it is not required that students have completed Year 8 Drama in order to select this unit.

This subject focusses on creating imaginative non-naturalistic performances. Students are introduced to contemporary theatre styles and practitioners working to present a theatre of ideas. Through improvisation and workshops, students respond to diverse stimulus. They build on their understanding of dramatic elements to shape and develop their performance work. They develop performance skills and apply stagecraft in non-naturalistic ways, gaining experience of how acting and form can be used to create meaning for an audience.  Students go on an excursion to view a professional production during the course of the semester. The semester culminates in a performance to an audience of the students’ choice. 

This subject provides a unique opportunity for students to explore the world around them through the creation of dynamic and challenging theatre works.

Please note: Students are required to choose at least one Elective unit from Drama or Music in either Year 8 or Year 9.


  • Creating and presenting a non-naturalistic performance.
  • Documenting and analysing the devising process through a folio.
  • Analysing a professional production.