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Year 9 Interdisciplinary Learning

FYI: Independent Project

Core Enrichment Unit

Unit Description

FYI is designed to enable students to follow their interests and create an individually tailored learning experience. They have the opportunity to immerse themselves in something about which they feel passionate. By bringing together a variety of subject skills and knowledge, students create their own unique learning experience.

Students develop a broad research question in an area of their choice, then research this across a variety of disciplines. They develop skills in interviewing, note-making, information location and critical reading as they go. They then develop a creative or practical element of their project and present this to a broader audience in an interesting and engaging manner at the end of the semester.

Students could choose to research almost any topic. Here are some examples of studies that have been chosen in the past. 

  • Global warming.
  • Writing poetry.
  • Quadratic equations.
  • French culture.
  • Two-stroke engines.
  • Motorbikes.
  • Horse first aid.
  • Disease transmission.
  • Sailing.
  • Outer space.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Performing arts.
  • Cooking.


  • Learning plan.
  • Research activity.
  • Creative / practical project.
  • Demonstration/showcase of the student's interest.