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Common Subjects


A number of common subjects are undertaken by all students in Year 10— English, Humanities, Mathematics, Outdoor Education, Physical Education, Religious Studies and Science.

Students also continue to be involved in our co-curricular program.

Choosing an English Course

Year 10 students study English or English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Depending on results of testing at the time of enrolment in Senior School, students studying English as an Additional Language are also enrolled in the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support.

Year 10 students may also study one or both of the Semester Electives— Literature and/or English Language.

Learning Development may recommend that a student studies Learning Literacies in addition to English.

Please go to the English Learning Area page to explore these options.

Choosing a Humanities Course

Year 10 students must select at least one Humanities unit, but students may also choose to study more than one of these semester units.

Please go to the Humanities Learning Area page to explore these options.

Choosing a Mathematics Course

There are two Mathematics courses offered at Year 10.

Mathematics A is a prerequisite for Year 11 IB Mathematics – Standard Level or VCE Mathematical Methods Units 1 and 2. This course is for students who have achieved an average of C or above in year 9 mathematics. 

Mathematics follows on from both Numeracy and Mainstream Year 9 Mathematics. Students who have achieved an average below C over the course of Year 9 Mathematics are encouraged to select this course. In the first four weeks of Year 10, both the Mathematics A and B courses cover a review of the fundamentals of Year 9 which will provide students with an opportunity to change course, based on their results in the Fundamentals assessment. After this, the Mathematics B course focusses on preparing students for IB Maths Studies and VCE Further Mathematics. The course assessments are entirely technology active. Students who complete this subject will not be allowed to select IB Mathematics – Standard Level or VCE Mathematical Methods in Year 11.

Please note:

IB Mathematics – Standard Level or VCE Mathematical Methods Units are prerequisites for a number of University courses such as Commerce and Science.  However, prerequisites for the same course do vary from institution so please consult the VTAC resources outlined below or contact your Careers Adviser for further information.  You can access the VTAC Prerequisite planner (available here).  You can also use the Prerequisites 2020 document as a guide (available here). Please note that the 2022 guide (which has the actual prerequisites for students commencing study in 2022) will be released mid 2019 when students are in Year 10.

To ensure that all students are studying a suitable course, individual performance is reviewed on a regular basis. Movement between courses is possible as all Year 10 Mathematics classes are timetabled concurrently.

Students intending to study Chemistry or Physics in Year 11 are advised that IB Mathematics – Standard or Higher Level, or VCE Mathematical Methods are strongly recommended.

Students unsure of their course selection should consult with their current Mathematics teacher or the Leader of Learning - Mathematics and Computing.

Choosing a Science Course

Students must study at least two ‘core’ units of Science in Year 10, with the option to study one additional Science unit.

Applied Science​​ (‘core unit’)

Biology (‘core unit’ Year 10 Biology is a prerequisite for Year 11 Biology)

Chemistry​ (​‘core unit’ Year 10 Chemistry is a prerequisite for Year 11 Chemistry or Year 11 Biology)

Physics (‘core unit’ Year 10 Physics is a prerequisite for Year 11 Physics)

Psychology (‘elective unit’ which may be selected as a Science elective in addition to study of two ‘core’ Science units)

IB Standard Level Mathematics or VCE Mathematical Methods is strongly recommended for study of Year 11 Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Please go to the Science Learning Area page to explore these units further.