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Group 1 - Studies in Language and Literature


Language A is the study of literature for native or near native-speakers. In this situation native refers to the language acquired by the speaker through exposure to it from an early age. It is normally the language of the home environment; motherfirst or home language are related terms.

The program for Language A at Carey is a literature course, delivered in English and Chinese. It may be possible to study alternate languages with a tutor (additional fees apply).


Language A: Literature, at both Standard Level and Higher Level, aims to:

  • introduce students to a range of texts from different periods, styles and genres;
  • develop in students the ability to engage in close, detailed analysis of individual texts and make relevant connections;
  • develop the student's powers of expression, both in oral and written communication;
  • encourage students to recognise the importance of the contexts in which texts are written and received;
  • encourage, through the study of texts, an appreciation of the different perspectives of people from other cultures, and how these perspectives construct meaning;
  • encourage students to appreciate the formal, stylistic and aesthetic qualities of texts;
  • promote in students an enjoyment of, and lifelong interest in, language and literature.

Please Note:

  • All candidates presenting for the Diploma must choose a Language A subject to fulfil the requirements for Group 1. This is usually the candidates’ mother tongue or native language.
  • Candidates also study Language B or an ab initio language from Group 2.
  • A third language may be studied within the structure of the Diploma.