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Making Choices

pdf icon Year 10 Subject Selection Planning Sheet

Subject Selection Planning

While selecting Year 10 subjects students are encouraged to complete the Subject Selection Planning Sheet to map out possible pathways in Years 10-12.

Things to Think About

During Term 3 of Year 9 you are asked to make subject choices which provide the foundation for your final two years of schooling. These choices may affect your access to tertiary courses and your career path. It is very important that you read the information contained in Pathways carefully, as well as making full use of the resources available to you  people, publications and information sessions to help you make good decisions.

As you enter Year 10 there are some significant questions related to subject choice which you must consider.

  • Will the subjects I choose allow me to get into courses I might want to do once I finish school (even if I don’t know what that is yet)?
  • Should I be thinking about doing IB or VCE and do I have to make that decision yet?
  • What are the pros and cons of accelerating a VCE subject and is this the right option for me?

The Subject Selection Student Workbook is sent via email to all Year 9 students as they begin the subject selection process. It contains information that will assist you to answer each of these questions. It also gives the following general advice to Year 9 students when selecting Year 10 subjects.

  • Select subjects that you like.
  • Select the hardest Mathematics subject you feel you can manage.
  • Keep going with a LOTE if you can.

Following these guidelines, whilst still adhering to the rules of subject selection, usually results in selection of the best possible subject combination.

VCE Acceleration at Year 10

The decision to undertake the International Baccalaureate Diploma or the Victorian Certificate of Education does not have to be made until well into Year 10. However, you should bear in mind that providing you meet the criteria — which includes performing at a consistently high level in all subjects, NAPLAN and other available testing — studying one Year 11 VCE study in Year 10 can provide excellent preparation for the VCE course.

Please note: Undertaking an acceleration course does not suit most students in Year 10. However, as students develop skills throughout Year 10, it may be appropriate to select a VCE acceleration subject in Year 11. Students may apply in Term 3 of Year 10 to study one of a number of Unit 3 and 4 subjects in Year 11 without any Unit 1 and 2 background. For further information refer to the VCE section.