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VCE Art and Design

Art Unit 4: Artworks, Ideas and Viewpoints


Art Unit 3.

Course Description

This unit focusses on the preparation of a final presentation, demonstrating individuality, induction of ideas and realisation of appropriate concepts, knowledge and skill. Thinking and working practices are documented throughout the unit. The final presentation should be an exploratory folio consolidating the student's ideas within a comprehensive body of work in a selected art form/s with the completion of at least two finished artworks accompanied by documentation of thinking and work practices.

The many possibilities for meaning and understanding that exist within art are explored and there is a focus on developing skills in critical analysis of both art works and the arguments and information conveyed in commentaries on art to enable the development of personal points of view about the meaning of art works.

Areas of Study

Realisation and Resolution

Students continue to develop their body of work begun in Unit 3 and work toward resolved ideas and concepts leading to at least one finished artwork other than the work that was completed for Unit 3. This area of study includes:

  • Development of an innovative body of work which continues inter-media and/or cross-media exploration of ideas and techniques.
  • Exploration of ideas and techniques continues from Unit 3, although the focus is now the consolidation and resolution of concepts, ideas and directions into a sustained body of work.
  • Informed selection of Analytical Frameworks for the reflective annotation of artworks.

Discussing and Debating Art

Students discuss and debate art issues, such as varying interpretations of the role of art in society. They research, analyse and interpret artworks related to their discussion. They refer to a range of resources and commentaries to examine and debate opinions and arguments, and refer to artists and artworks to support their analysis. This area of study includes:

  • A minimum of one selected art issue.
  • At least one artist not studied in Unit 3 and a minimum of two artworks by that artist.
  • A range of diverse view points as seen in commentaries relating to artworks and art issues.
  • A study of meanings and messages in art through the application of interpretive frame works


Outcomes Assessment Tasks Marks Allocated
(school-assessed coursework)
Realise and resolve a sustained and articulate body of work commenced in Unit 3 that progressively communicates concepts, directions and/or ideas that includes at least one finished artwork, having used selected Analytical Frameworks to underpin reflections of their art-making.

A body of work that continues the focus from Unit 3 showing a progressive exploration and resolution of ideas presented in an exploratory folio with suitable solutions of at least two finished artworks.

NB: Subject to external review by VCAA.

In conjunction with Unit 3 Outcome 1 - 50% of Study Score
Identify ideas, issues and arguments expressed in commentaries on art works and apply interpretive frameworks in the analysis of selected art works so as to develop personal points of view about the meaning of art works. A written report presenting and substantiating personal points of view about the meanings and messages in selected art works. 10

Overall Final Assessment

Graded Assessment Title Assessment Exam Duration Contribution to Study Score (%)
1 Units 3 and 4 Coursework School-assessed   20
2 School-assessed Task School-assessed   50
3 Written Examination November 1.5 hours 30


Information can be obtained from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victoria, Australia: