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VCE Art and Design

Product Design and Technology Unit 2: Collaborative Design


There are no prerequisites for this unit.

Course Description

This unit focusses on students working as members of a team to design a product range or a number of products based on a common theme, or contribute to the design and development of a group project.


Areas of Study

Designing as a Team

  • Factors that determine choice of suitable materials.
  • The role, purpose, components and structure of a design brief.
  • Social, economic, ethical and environmental issues related to design, and the selection of materials.
  • Methods of generating ideas, including creative and critical design thinking.
  • Design specifications, considerations, constraints and priorities.
  • Design research to assist in solving design problems.
  • The application of human factors (including ergonomics) to product design.

Producing and Evaluating a Collaboratively Designed Product

  • Work as a team to safely make one of the products within the product range or a component part of the team-designed product, based on development work completed in Outcome 1.
  • Manage and control risks to safely use tools, equipment, materials and machines.
  • Analyse methods used individually and collaboratively to manage the design and production processes and outcomes while producing the product range.
  • Cost and availability (including standard forms) of materials.
  • Suitability of materials.
  • Compatibility of materials.
  • Aesthetic appeal of materials.


Assessment Tasks
(school-assessed coursework)
Designing as a Team
  • Design folios
  • Production plans
  • Production tasks
  • Annotated visual displays
  • Website presentations
  • Datashow presentations
  • Tests (short answer, open book)
  • Short written reports (materials testing activities, industry visits, product evaluation report)
  • Oral reports
  • Practical demonstrations
Producing and Evaluating a Collaboratively Designed Product

Overall Final Assessment

End of Semester Examination – 1.5 hours.

Information can be obtained from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victoria, Australia: