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VCE Art and Design

Studio Arts Unit 2: Studio Exploration and Concepts

Elective Unit


It is recommended but not essential to study Unit 1 Art prior to undertaking Unit 2 Studio Arts.

Course Description

In Year 11 students will study Unit 1 Art and Unit 2 Studio Arts as preparation for the study of either Art or Studio Arts in Year 12.

In this unit students focus on establishing and using a studio practice to produce artworks from concepts and techniques developed while studying Unit 1 Art in Semester 1. The studio practice includes the formulation and use of an individual approach to documenting sources of inspiration, and experimentation with selected materials and techniques relevant to specific art forms. Students explore and develop ideas and subject matter, create aesthetic qualities and record the development of the work in a visual diary as part of the studio process.

Through the study of art movements and styles, students begin to understand the use of other artists’ work in the making of new artworks. Students also develop skills in the visual analysis of artworks. Artworks made by artists from different times and cultures are analysed to understand developments in studio practice. Using a range of art periods, movements or styles, students develop a broader knowledge about the history of art. Analysis is used to understand the artists’ ideas and how they have created aesthetic qualities and subject matter. Comparisons of contemporary art with historical art styles and movements should be encouraged.

The exhibition of artworks is integral to Unit 2 and students are encouraged to visit a variety of exhibition spaces throughout the unit, reflect on the different environments and examine how artworks are presented to an audience.

Areas of Study

Exploration of studio practice and development of artworks

In this area of study students focus on developing artworks through an individual studio process based on visual research and inquiry.

In developing an individual studio process, students learn to explore ideas, sources of inspiration, materials and techniques in a selected art form, which is documented in an individual exploration proposal.

  • Students respond to stimulus to generate ideas related to their context.
  • Experiment with materials and techniques and apply them to a selected art form.
  • Use art elements and art principles to create particular aesthetic qualities relevant to their ideas and subject matter.
  • Students learn to generate a range of potential directions in the studio process around which an artwork can be developed.
  • Students analyse and evaluate these in a Visual Diary before the production of the artwork.

Ideas and styles in artworks

In this area of study students focus on the analysis of historical and contemporary artworks. Artworks by at least two artists and/or groups of artists from different times and cultures are analysed to understand how art elements and art principles are used to communicate artists’ ideas, and to create aesthetic qualities and identifiable styles.

  • Students develop an understanding of the use of other artists’ works in the making of new artworks, which may include the ideas and issues associated with appropriation such as copyright and artists’ moral rights.
  • In analysing at least two artworks by each artist, students further develop appropriate art terminology and skills in researching and using a variety of references that may include visits to art galleries and museums, online resources, books, catalogues and periodicals.
  • Students develop key knowledge and understandings of the important of Studio practice and developing a relationship with a variety of exhibition spaces such as commercial galleries.


Assessment Tasks
(school-assessed tasks)

A selection of exploratory work and a visual diary, showing sources of ideas and inspiration translated into visual form through the use of a variety of materials, techniques and the presentation of at least one finished artwork.

Developmental folio of work that explores and develops a range materials and techniques associated with class thematic areas of study.

Finished artworks.

Research and development of written responses associated with research into exhibition spaces and commercial galleries.

Methods used by Contemporary artists when developing artworks.   

A collection of annotated research material.

Responses to structured questions.


Examination is held at the end of this Unit.

Reproduced by permission of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victoria, Australia: