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VCE Art and Design

Studio Arts Unit 4: Studio Practice and Art Industry Contexts


Studio Arts Unit 3: Studio Production and Professional Art Practices.

Course Description

The focus of this unit is the production of a cohesive folio of finished artworks. To support the creation of the folio, students present visual and written documentation explaining how selected potential directions generated in Unit 3 were used to produce the cohesive folio of finished works. This unit also investigates aspects of artists' involvement in the art industry focussing on a variety of exhibitions, spaces and methods of consideration in the preparation, presentation and conservation of artworks. Students examine a range of environments for the presentation of artworks exhibited in contemporary settings.

Areas of Study

Folio of Artworks

This area focusses on the production of a cohesive folio of finished artwork developed from the selected potential directions identified in the design process in Unit 3.

In this area of study students:

  • Articulate the focus of the folio.
  • Use selected potential directions to support the production of artworks.
  • Communicate the ideas presented in the work brief.
  • Apply materials and techniques appropriate to the art form.
  • Resolve aesthetic qualities.
  • Create relationships between artworks.

Focus, Reflection and Evaluation

This area requires students to reflect on their folio and produce an evaluation of the finished artworks. Students complete a visual and written document of their selected potential directions that were used for the production of their final works. The document identifies the refined focus of the production of the folio.

Areas of study include:

  • Objective of folio focus.
  • The ways in which potential directions contribute to the production of finished artwork.
  • The ways in which ideas are communicated in finished art works.
  • Aesthetic qualities of finished artworks.
  • Methods relevant to the presentation of a cohesive folio.

Art Industry Contexts

This area of study focusses on the analysis of requirements and conditions of environments where artworks are presented. For exhibition, the artist enters the realm of the art industry where galleries, curators and designers play various roles to support the presentation and promotion of artworks. Students examine a variety of exhibition spaces and review the methods and considerations involved in the preparation, presentation and conservation of artworks.

Areas of study include:

  • The roles of public and commercial galleries and other spaces.
  • The approaches, methods and roles related to curatorship, exhibition design and conservation in preserving and presenting artists works.
  • Current issues that arise from the promotion and marketing, public perception and industry recognition of art.
  • Ethical considerations and regulations that affect the use made of the work of other artists in the making of new work.


Outcomes Assessment Tasks Marks Allocated
(school-assessed coursework)
Produce a cohesive folio of finished art works which has developed from a design process and which resolves the aims and intentions set out in the work brief formulated in Unit 3. SAT - A folio of finished artworks that have been developed from a design process and which resolves the aims and intentions set out in the focus statement. 33

Examine and explain the preparation and presentation of artworks in at least two different exhibition spaces, and discuss the various roles, processes and methods involved in the exhibition of artworks.
  • A collection of annotated research materials.
  • Responses to structured questions.
  • An annotated visual report.
  • An essay.
  • End of year Examination, assessed together with Unit 3 Outcome 3.

Overall Final Assessment

Graded Assessment Title Assessment Exam Duration Contribution to Study Score (%)
1 Unit 3 School-assessed Coursework School-assessed   5
2 Unit 4 School-assessed Coursework School-assessed   5
3 Unit 3 & 4 School-assessed Task School-assessed   60
4 Written Examination November 1.5 hours 30


Reproduced by permission of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victoria, Australia: