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Year 10 Drama


Semester Elective Unit


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Description

Drama in Year 10 builds on work covered in the Middle School years and provides a platform of knowledge to assist students who may pursue Theatre as part of their studies in Years 11 and 12. 

Students develop an understanding of theatre traditions and an awareness of conventions and styles and their application and influence through theatrical history. They work on excerpts from plays as both actors and directors; they have a opportunity to be make-up, set or costume designers. 

Students also examine storytelling through the creation of an ensemble devised performance and develop an awareness of how a performance is shaped and given meaning through the use of non-naturalistic conventions and dramatic elements. 

Students who have a strong interest and skill in drama are offered two days of intensive drama workshops as an extension to work studied in this subject.

Essential Questions

  • How can a performance be created from written scripts?
  • How can an audience be engaged, challenged and stimulated through a self-devised performance?
  • What skills are needed to critically analyse performance work?

Areas of study

  • Theatrical Traditions Performance Piece.
  • Performance Analysis of a Professional Production.
  • Non-Naturalistic Ensemble Performance.



Task Description
Theatre Traditions Performance Students work in small groups to develop a script for performance. 
Performance Analysis  Students analyse and evaluate an external professional production.
Non-Naturalistic Performance  Students devise, rehearse and present a Non-Naturalistic performance. 
Semester Examination Students analyse their own work over the course of semester and respond creatively to previously unseen stimulus materials.