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Head of Sport and Activities: Mr Paul Jepson
P: +61 3 9816 1215 E:


Sport at Carey is seen as an integral part of our students' education and sits perfectly within the School's strategic goals. A wide range of competitive and non-competitive activities are offered reinforcing the values of co-operation, teamwork, resilience and dedication. Above all our sporting program caters for all abilities and interests from recreational to elite, in a fun and challenging environment, utilising state-of-the-art facilities and excellent coaches. Carey students participate in the APS (boys) and the APS/AGSV (girls) competition on Saturday mornings and train during the week to prepare for these competitions.

All students in Years 7-12 select one activity in the summer season (Term 1) and one activity in the winter season (Term 2 and the first three weeks of Term 3). Sport teams train at least once per week. All first squads are also expected to complete a second training session. Competition is normally on a Saturday morning with occasional fixtures on Friday afternoons for certain sports. A full fixture list for each activity is available on CareyLink.

During the spring season (latter part of Term 3 and first three weeks of Term 4), all students have the opportunity to select from a number of non-compulsory options including athletics and water polo. Some first teams commence training for the summer season during spring.

Once selections have been made, numbers are tallied in each sport and teams are then entered into official competitions as determined by numbers. Circumstances may arise that necessitate a change in program, although such movement is not encouraged given the commitment to competitions.

Some students may be exempted from the program, this is arranged on a case by case basis. Most exemptions are due to outside commitments at an elite level in a sport Carey does not provide and must be applied for in writing each year to the Head of Sport and Activities. Those who are injured are still able to contribute to other aspects of the program, including Yoga, Fitness Club and The Carey First Aid Squad.

Carey remains committed to a sport and activities program for all students, while maintaining an emphasis on sustaining a sensible balance with the academic program. Senior students in particular, are encouraged to recognise the critical nature of maintaining this balance during their VCE and IB studies.