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Group 1 - Studies in Language and Literature

IB Chinese A - Language and Literature


Year 10 Chinese First Language.

Course Description and Aims

In the IB Diploma Programme Language A: Language and Literature course, students study a wide range of literary and non-literary texts in a variety of media. By examining communicative acts across literary form and textual type alongside appropriate secondary readings, students will investigate the nature of language itself and the ways in which it shapes and is influenced by identity and culture. Approaches to study in the course are meant to be wide ranging and can include literary theory, sociolinguistics, media studies and critical discourse analysis among others.

The aims of the Language A: Language and Literature course at both Higher and Standard levels are to enable students to:

  • engage with a range of texts, in a variety of media and forms, from different periods, styles, and cultures
  • develop skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, presenting and performing
  • develop skills in interpretation, analysis and evaluation
  • develop sensitivity to the formal and aesthetic qualities of texts and an appreciation of how they contribute to diverse responses and open up multiple meanings
  • develop an understanding of relationships between texts and a variety of perspectives, cultural contexts, and local and global issues and an appreciation of how they contribute to diverse responses and open up multiple meanings
  • develop an understanding of the relationships between studies in language and literature and other disciplines
  • communicate and collaborate in a confident and creative way
  • foster a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of language and literature.

Assessment Outline - Standard Level

Assessment Outline - Standard Weighting
External assessment (3 hours) 70%

Paper 1: Guided textual analysis (1 hour 15 minutes)


Paper 2: Comparative essay (1 hour 45 minutes)


Internal assessment

Individual oral (15 minutes)  

Assessment at a Glance - Higher Level

Assessment Outline - Higher Level Weighting
External assessment (4 hours) 80%

Paper 1: Guided textual analysis (2 hours 15 minutes)


Paper 2: Comparative essay (1 hour 45 minutes)


Higher Level essay


Internal assessment 

Individual Oral (15 minutes)