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VCE English

Literature Unit 3 and 4


A study of a unit from the VCE English Group at Unit 1 or 2. Students must complete Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4.

Course Description

In Literature, students explore the ways writers construct their work and how text features influence meaning. Students also investigate how texts are adapted and transformed by writers as well as considering how literary criticism informs the reading and writing of texts. Students study at least six texts, including at least one novel, a collection of poetry and a play. Students may also study a collection of short stories, a film or other literature. Texts are selected from early and contemporary literature. Students create analytical and creative responses to the texts they study.

Areas of Study

Adaptations and Transformations

  • Exploring the relationship between meaning and the features of texts.
  • Understanding text conventions.
  • Analysing the ways in which adapting a text can influence meaning.

Close Analysis

  • Analysing the language, style, concerns and construction of texts.
  • Developing detailed interpretations of literary texts.

Creative Responses to Texts

  • Understanding the creative techniques used in a literary work.
  • Constructing and explaining creative adaptations of texts.
  • Developing understanding of text conventions and style.

Literary Perspectives

  • Exploring the ways in which views and values influence writers and readers.
  • Comparing and analysing the perspectives offered in literary criticism.
  • Investigating how contexts influence the writing and reading of texts.


Unit 3 Outcomes Assessment Tasks Marks Allocated
(school-assessed coursework)
Note: One task in Unit 3 must contain an oral component.
Analyse the extent to which meaning changes when a text is adapted to a different form. A comparative analysis in written and/or oral form. 50
Respond creatively to a text and comment on the connections between the text and the response. A creative response to a text in written and/or oral form and a written commentary reflecting on the decisions made. 50
Total Marks 100


Unit 4 Outcomes Assessment Tasks Marks Allocated
(school-assessed coursework)
Produce an interpretation of a text using different literary perspectives to inform their view. A written interpretation of a text using two different perspectives to inform their response. 50
Analyse features of texts and develop and justify interpretations of texts. Two close analysis essays, each in response to a different text.  50
Total Marks 100

Overall Final Assessment

Graded Assessment Title Assessment Exam Duration Contribution to Study Score (%)
1 Unit 3 Coursework School-assessed   25
2 Unit 4 Coursework School-assessed   25
3 Written Examination November 2 hours 50


Reproduced by permission of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Victoria, Australia: