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Year 10 LOTE

Chinese (First Language)

Year-Long Elective Unit


This subject is designed for students whose first language is Chinese.

Course Description

The goal of this course is to provide a pathway for the future study of Chinese language in either IB or VCE. The subject focusses on fostering critical and analytical thinking. It enables students to consolidate their knowledge in both components of the course, studying language and literature in order to improve comprehension skills.

Students learn to read, organise and analyse information from readings on a series of themes. A component of their studies is learning how to analyse and gain an appreciation of classical literature — a stepping stone to the IB. Meanwhile, the students’ oral presentation skills are improved by participating in classroom discussions, debates and formal presentations.

Essential Questions

  • How does the world work in Chinese speaking countries?
  • How does life in Chinese speaking countries differ from life in Australia?
  • How can we build our awareness of inherent similarities and differences between languages?

Areas of Study

  • Personal world.
  • Personal beliefs.
  • Chinese culture and arts.
  • Chinese modern and contemporary literature (1911 – 1949).
  • Religion.
  • Chinese mythology.
  • World of Kung Fu.
  • Women’s literature.
  • War and Peace.


Task Description
Writing Tasks A number of pieces written in different discourse forms (for example, letters, advertisments and stories).
Oral Tasks Presenting a speech, debating and participating in a discussion.
Aural and Reading Comprehension Tasks Aural recognition and recall tasks plus reading a variety of text forms.
Semester Examination Students undertake an examination at the conclusion of the course, testing reading and writing skills.