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Year 1 Music


Year Level Description

Year 1 students continue to develop their understanding of basic music elements through a highly active program that is strongly Kodály-based. They learn a rich and varied repertoire of songs, games and dances that explore the various components of music. They perform together as a class ensemble using Orff percussion and refine their understanding of pitch, rhythm and beat. They explore patterns in music and create and perform their own ostinato. Students begin to express their own creativity through classroom activities, developing their own original works. Year 1 students join the Piccolo Canto choir and develop basic choral techniques, including the singing of rounds and partner songs, prior to performing publicly.

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year students are expected to:

  • maintain a steady beat;
  • recognise rhythm patterns aurally and visually (ta, ti-ti, zaa, tika-tika);
  • recognise simple music elements (tempo, beat, pitch, dynamics);
  • sing soh-mi-lah generally in tune;
  • place soh-mi-lah on the stave;
  • recognise ostinato patterns both aurally and visually;
  • create an effective ostinato pattern;
  • maintain a separate melodic line during partner songs and rounds;
  • participate effectively in singing, games and dances.