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Year 5

Understanding Our Past and What Makes Community

Year 5 focusses on understanding our past and what makes community. Students explore our Indigenous heritage as well as what happened during the Colonial period. They spend three days at Sovereign Hill and experience what it was like to live a hundred or more years ago. Students learn about the history and traditions that shaped our community and in the Market Unit, they are introduced to some of the economic principles of producing and selling to meet a community’s needs. In small groups, students source or produce a commodity that they market and then sell at a special market place, raising money for charity. Budding entrepreneurs can often be spotted on the day and creativity is rewarded with the quick selling of novel items.

Home Tasks

In Years 3 to 6, home tasks are set to help students develop regular study habits and cater for the needs of all students.

For further information please see the page on Home Tasks.

Year 5 Art

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