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Year 2 Music


Year Level Description

Year 2 students continue to develop their understanding of basic music elements through a strongly Kodály-based program. They learn a repertoire of songs, games and dances that explore the various elements of music, refining pitch, dynamics, tempo, rhythm and beat.

In Semester 2, students learn an orchestral string instrument in small groups and develop basic string technique and ensemble skills. Through a rich and entertaining performing arts presentation, they demonstrate their skills learnt on their chosen instrument.

Students develop a repertoire of works on the xylophone and Orff percussion from which they enhance their music literacy. They refine their knowledge of pitch by reading and writing on the treble stave, using Curwen hand signs and solfège. Year 2 students extend their understanding of beat with the introduction of meter (two meter or march time) and learn to place bar lines appropriately. They sing in Piccolo Canto choir and continue to develop choral technique, singing a variety of unison and part songs, prior to performing publicly.

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year students are expected to:

  • maintain a steady beat whilst reading rhythms;
  • recognise meter both visually and aurally (march time);
  • recognise rhythm patterns aurally and visually (ta, ti-ti, zaa, tika-tika, ti-tika);
  • sing mi so la generally in tune;
  • place mi so la on the music stave;
  • distinguish between binary and ternary works;
  • create an effective ternary work;
  • accurately perform a repertoire of works for classroom percussion and an orchestral string instrument;
  • recognise pitch letter names on the treble stave and relate them 
to string fingering;
  • maintain a separate melodic line during partner songs and rounds;
  • participate effectively in singing, games and dances.