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Year 5 Music


Year Level Description

Through songs, movement, dance and performance, students gain an appreciation of the colourful, rich and diverse cultures of Africa and Latin America. Folk songs are learnt in unison and in parts, as well as authentic dances that are performed before their peers. Students investigate idiomatic African and Latin musical instruments, improvise on their instrument and develop presentations of their work. They work collaboratively in groups to creatively re-invent known folk songs, applying their knowledge of African and Latin instruments, as well as stylistic features prior to presenting it before their peers. They perform as whole class ensembles and develop their very own Carnivalé styled performance. Students continue to develop their music literacy with extended use of Curwen hand signs and solfa, as well as time-names.

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year students are expected to:

  • maintain a steady beat in a variety of activities and tempos;
  • recognise syncopated rhythms both visually and aurally (syn-co-pa);
  • transcribe extended rhythms from unfamiliar aural examples;
  • sing do re mi so la do’ in tune;
  • transpose solfa into treble notation;
  • fluently sight-read treble notation;
  • accurately perform a repertoire of songs, dances and other musical works;
  • demonstrate a clear understanding of the cultural aspects of music making;
  • explore the capabilities of ethnic instruments and develops effective improvisations;
  • perform a one-note-one-person work effectively as a member of a tribe;
  • develop and perform a creative and effective arrangement of a known folk tune;
  • actively participate in all class activities;
  • evaluate and reflect on the work of others and themselves;
  • develop interpersonal skills through teamwork and ensemble 
  • participate effectively in all class activities;
  • demonstrate effective audience and ensemble etiquette.