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Year 7 Humanities


Common Unit

Unit Description

Year 7 students begin their study of Geography by developing an understanding of place and space in the Geography Toolkit study. Students learn and apply important mapping skills such as using scale, direction, legends, grid references, latitude and longitude.

The second area of study is Water in the World and students examine a number of key concepts through different tasks: ​water as an essential, renewable resource; the management of water resources both here in Australia and abroad; and what the future may hold for our water resources.

A full day fieldwork excursion to the Werribee Treatment Plant reinforces the concepts learnt and provides a connection to the final unit of study, Places are for Living. This unit investigates the factors that determine why people decide to live where they do. Students produce a case study that evaluates the liveability of their local area. 

Students also participate in an environmental extended field trip in late Term 3. During this experience, students perform an in-depth investigation into the environmental issues surrounding one of six different ecosystems found in Victoria — ​rivers, coasts, mountains, islands, peninsulas and forests. The data collected on this camp is used to produce a folio of tasks that explore these issues.


  • Test: Resources, Water and Geography Toolkit.
  • Folio: Environment assignment.
  • Case Study: Liveability.