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Year 8

What Do Students and Families Need to Do?

Students currently enrolled at Middle School in Year 7 must complete their subject preferences for Year 8 2022, online via the Web Preferences website:

The Web Preferences Subject Preferences should be completed online, including electronic signatures of parent and the student’s mentor, by Thursday 29 July 2021.


Making Your Selections

The course structure chart below shows the subjects studied at Year 8, click on each link to view the details of each unit.

Over the course of Year 8 and 9, students must ensure that they make at least one selection from Art and Design, and at least one selection from Performing Arts (Drama and Music).

Many combinations of courses are possible within our timetable structure and every effort is made to accommodate student preferences. However, there may be a few combinations that are not possible due to timetable constraints or insufficient student numbers and so an alternative unit would need to be selected.


Year 8 Semester 1
Year 8 Semester 2