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Year 8 Humanities

Law and Order

Core Enrichment Unit

Unit Description

Why are laws important and necessary?

How do laws shape society and affect our lives?

This unit begins with an investigation of the origins of law and the foundations of Australia's legal system. Students learn about the law in Australia today and the way laws are made, including the election of governments and the passing of a bill through parliament. In doing this, students have the opportunity to investigate the purposes of laws and the processes of creating and changing them. They investigate the principles and values contained in the legal system, such as justice, the presumption of innocence and equality before the law, and consider the processes of a fair trial, including the use of a jury and sentencing procedures. Students review real life case studies and focus on legal issues in society, as well as legal debates including capital punishment. Students develop their team work, analytical and research skills through investigation of various legal issues.


Our Lawmakers: Brochure.
Criminal Investigation: Report.
Death Penalty Research: Project.