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Year 8 Mathematics


Common Unit

Unit Description

Year 8 Mathematics follows the Victorian Curriculum and aims to develop a solid foundation in Mathematics and to increase confidence in their ability to apply skills to solve problems and make connections between different areas of Mathematics.

Students extend their understanding of integers and rational numbers. Indices are explored and scientific notation is introduced and is used in estimation and calculation where appropriate. Proportional reasoning is explored and applied to practical problem-solving. The study of algebra is continued as students improve their ability to manipulate algebraic expressions and then use these skills in formal equation solving. Students also analyse data obtained from real-life situations in their study of statistics. This is followed by an investigation of geometric properties of shapes. Measurement of circles involving area and circumference is made possible through an introduction to pi. Student knowledge of area and volume is extended and the concept of total surface area introduced. They discover linear relationships and sketch graphs of these relationships.

Students participate in regular problem-solving activities to allow them to connect ideas in mathematics, investigate problems collaboratively and master key problem-solving strategies. 


  • Topic tests.
  • Collaborative tasks.
  • Semester tests.