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Year 8 Music

The Musical World

Elective Unit

Unit Description

Here in the Musical World students:

  • develop confidence with music theory;
  • write a really great, original song;
  • produce some funky blues sounds on GarageBand;
  • develop confidence improvising in small groups, on their own instrument (or a keyboard);
  • find out about some of the greatest moments in music theatre.

Whether a near beginner or a more confident, accomplished musician, our flexible approach builds on the interests and expertise of all students.

Some work is completed on laptops, some using Mac workstations (GarageBand and Sibelius), and some using the student's own instrument or a keyboard.

Please note: Students are required to choose at least one Elective unit from Drama or Music in either Year 8 or Year 9.


Some assessment is made in class time through listening and theory tests, and set exercises. More extended tasks involve creating original music.