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Year 9 Humanities

Ancient History

Core Enrichment Unit

Unit Description

This course investigates the foundations of Western civilisation through a study of the history of one of the great ancient societies — ​Classical Greece, Republican Rome or Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. In Classical Greece, for example, students explore the major city-states of Athens and Sparta with a particular focus on the everyday lives of inhabitants, architecture and warfare. They also investigate the concepts and achievements that made Athens the cultural empire that it was in the 4th century BCE. The course concludes with an investigation of the decline of Athens as a power but with respect to the legacy it has provided the Western world.

This elective is designed to benefit students looking towards studying History or other Humanities subjects in either the IB or VCE and fosters valuable skills.

  • Comprehension and analysis of a range of historical material.
  • An understanding of change and continuity over time.
  • The construction, substantiation and evaluation of hypotheses.
  • Research and investigative techniques.
  • Oral and written communication.


  • Representations of Ancient Societies: Analysis Task.
  • Historical Investigation: Essay.
  • The Triumph of Culture: Presentation.