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Year 9 CARE


Common Unit

Unit Description

C-Change is an interdisciplinary study that draws together a broad range of topics. The program applies a Positive Education perspective and is designed to engage students in practical activities that allow them to learn through a range of experiences, both in and beyond the classroom. It encourages greater responsibility for independent learning and fosters an increased awareness of diversity within our community. C Change aims to future proof adolescents by equipping them with transferable skills in preparation for thriving in a complex world; it is a cross-curricular innovation where students are immersed in theme-based and experiential learning.

The program is structured with classes blocked together once every cycle, to facilitate the theme-based learning. Other individual lessons take place during each week to enable students to work in small groups and develop a Community Project and an Ideas Worth Sharing Presentation.

The theme-based learning develops the skills to think, question, wonder and act.

The underlying aim of the program is for students to:

  • C-Change in themselves through their personal growth and development;
  • C-Change in each other through their social interactions;
  • C-Change in the community through their positive actions.

The Community Project work asks students to make a positive difference to the community.

The Ideas Worth Sharing Presentation encourages students to influence people's thinking.

A range of topics are explored from various perspectives.

  • Build positive relationships.
  • Cultivate community understanding, appreciation and responsibility.
  • Support positive self-image, values and morals.
  • Nurture physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Develop effective study techniques and goal setting strategies.
  • Educate about risk and party safe behaviour.
  • Foster a consciousness and appreciation of diversity and difference.
  • Raise a greater awareness of the unique abilities of people with disabilities.
  • Enhance students' ability to use mindfulness strategies.
  • Engage with a range of faith perspectives and evaluate what is important and valuable in today’s society.
  • Look at the teachings of Jesus through a modern lens and seek to find ways to apply them to their own lives.
  • Consider both sides of the argument on a variety of topical issues.

The course is built around a number of words starting with the letter C that provide the basis for the themes explored and are used as a focus. 

Compassion - Courage - Community - Celebration - Care - Connection - Commitment - Communication - Challenge - Collaboration - Concentration - Curiosity - Cooperation - Consideration - Confidence - Creativity - Character - Clarity - Calculated risk - Choice


  • Terms 1-4: Theme Work & Reflection.
  • Semester 1 or 2: Community Project.
  • Semester 1 or 2: Ideas Worth Sharing Presentation (TED talk style).
  • Semester 1 and 2: C Change Learner Profile.