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Year 9 English


Common Unit

Unit Description

Students learn to think analytically and critically about what they read through a close reading of a text and the construction of responses to it in essay form. They explore the literary techniques used in the novels studied and experiment with their own analytical writing and speaking. Students examine current issues in the media, evaluate this information and develop logical, informed and justified responses. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to develop their skills as writers. They undertake in-depth studies of imaginative and persuasive writing and produce their own writing in these styles. A continued focus on the appropriate use of spelling, punctuation and grammar conventions forms a part of this study.

In their final unit of Middle School English, students explore increasingly challenging ideas and issues. Two novel texts are studied, and students are required to assess the motivation and skill of the authors in a mature and objective manner. They also undertake a close study of Shakespearean language. Students are challenged to make informed, effective choices and to demonstrate their ability to control language structures and features necessary to communicate clearly through the written and spoken format.

The Wide Reading program continues to encourage students to develop an independent reading habit and to develop a love of literature. Students are supported to learn how to collaborate effectively with others as well as developing their ability to learn independently.


Students are assessed in a range of ways, including:

  • Text response essays.
  • Written passage analyses.
  • Persuasive and imaginative writing.
  • Oral text responses.