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Year 10 Physical Education

Physical Education


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Description

All Year 10 students participate in a compulsory Physical Education program. 

Physical Education classes are conducted at the Carey Sports Complex in Bulleen where facilities include:

  • Geoffrey Stevens Swimming Pool Complex
  • Gerard Cramer Physical Education Centre
  • Four all-purpose ovals
  • Two soccer/hockey fields

Classes are also conducted at the Kew campus at the following facilities:

  • Macafee Courts
  • Gym and weights room
  • Sandell Oval

This course reflects the underlying goals of life-long health and fitness. It aims to acquaint students with many diverse activities in an attempt to establish and foster an increase in skill level, confidence and the desire to participate in various forms of physical activity in post school years. It fosters a positive self-image, develops responsibility and the ability to work independently and in team situations.

The focus at Year 10 is participation in game play to develop the application of effective team strategies and tactics. Students reflect on how fair play and ethical behaviour can influence the outcomes of game play. They learn to apply more specialised movement skills and complex movement strategies and concepts in different environments. They also explore movement concepts and strategies to evaluate and refine their own and others’ movement performances. The curriculum also provides opportunities for students to refine and consolidate personal and social skills in demonstrating leadership, teamwork and collaboration in a range of physical activities.

Essential Questions

  • What are some of the important personal and social skills needed when participating in a range of physical activities?
  • How can fair play and ethical behaviour influence the outcomes of physical activity?
  • What leadership and collaboration skills are required when working in groups or teams?
  • What are some actions that could be undertaken to enhance our own and others’ lifelong health and wellbeing?

Areas of Study

  • Badminton.
  • Aquatics — Water Polo, Octopush.
  • Fitness and Conditioning.
  • International Games — Korfball, Bocce, European Handball, Touch Rugby, Gaelic Football.
  • Co-educational Electives — Squash, Yoga, Beach Volleyball, Hip-hop, Pilates.
  • Self-defence and Boxercise.
  • Mountain Biking and Road Cycling.


Task Description
Skill Level Individual performance and understanding the strategies required for achieving successful outcomes.
Social Responsibility Valuing fair play, respect for others and leadership qualities.
Participation Application, attitude, co-operation and initiative.
Reflection Identifying areas for improvement and setting future learning goals.
Cardiovascular Fitness Based upon the Australian Fitness Education Award recommendations.