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Year 4 Art


Year Level Description

Students experience the Visual Arts by drawing from a range of cultures, times and locations. They respond to artworks independently and collaboratively with their peers and teachers. At this level they learn that art is used for different purposes; to communicate ideas, observations and feelings. They consider why and how audiences respond to the social and cultural contexts of artworks.

The art program offers students the opportunity to explore a broad variety of art materials and forms such as sculpture, textiles, painting, drawing, print-making, and digital technologies. Students engage in the design process and apply their knowledge of the art elements to communicate ideas and develop an individual approach to subject matter. They consider the effect of line, shape, tone, space, colour and texture while beginning to explore their relationship with the principles of contrast, repetition, symmetry, balance, movement and proportion.

An emphasis is placed on developing art terminology and techniques while considering how and why artists realise ideas through differing visual representations, practices, processes and viewpoints.

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year, students will be expected to:

  • Understand that lines, shapes, colours and textures can show movement and depth.
  • Identify and create complementary, monochromatic and contrasting colours.
  • Understand that the art elements, working in conjunction, create aesthetics.
  • Understand linear perspective- specifically one-point perspective.
  • Identify and create multiple print types.
  • Understand that a variety of iPad applications can be used in combination to create artworks.
  • Identify and discuss how artists organise the elements and processes in artworks.
  • Discuss similarities and differences between artworks they make, present and view.