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Year 6 Music


Year Level Description

Students in Year 6 create and perform music in response to Arts music and more popular forms. Music of the blues and jazz eras are investigated and the hallmarks of each genre discovered, including swing feel, twelve bar blues, harmonic progression and improvisation. Year 6 students develop their own works in response and perform on a variety of instruments including the ukulele. They refine their understanding of rhythm and pitch and receive ongoing aural training for each element. At the conclusion of the year, students in Year 6 prepare a song for their Graduation Assembly.

Achievement Standard

By the end of the year students are expected to:

  • maintain a steady beat in a variety of activities and tempos;
  • recognise dotted rhythms (tim-ka) and swing feel both visually and aurally;
  • transcribe extended rhythms from unfamiliar aural examples;
  • sing do re mi fa so la ti do’ in tune;
  • transpose solfa into treble notation;
  • fluently sight-read treble and bass notation;
  • create an effective and original song and perform it with accompaniment;
  • recognise major scale forms both visually and aurally;
  • visually recognise primary triads within a major scale;
  • demonstrate the twelve-bar blues on ukulele;
  • recognise and write a twelve-bar blues pattern in at least one key area;
  • accurately perform a repertoire of songs, dances and other musical works;
  • develop effective and expressive improvisations in a jazz idiom;
  • create effective compositions in response to art music, both individually and in a creative group environment;
  • demonstrate a clear understanding of jazz idioms and their features;
  • utilise arts language when describing musical elements;
  • evaluate and reflect on the work of others and themselves;
  • participate effectively in all class activities;
  • demonstrate effective audience and ensemble etiquette.