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Year 7 LOTE



Unit Description

In Semester 1, students are introduced to the spelling and pronunciation systems of Indonesian and they develop skills in speaking and listening, as well as reading and writing. Students study basic geographical information about Indonesia and explore cultural elements relating to the social conventions of greetings and introductions, teen culture and Indonesian concepts of time.

Topics covered relate to the student's own experiences and include the following:

  • greetings;
  • introducing self and others;
  • exchanging personal information;
  • numbers 1– 999;
  • talking about activities undertaken at home or with friends.

Students are introduced to key grammatical concepts which enable them to manipulate the language for their own use in speaking and writing. Grammar topics include:

  • Word order.
  • Question forms.
  • Personal and possessive pronouns.

In Semester 2, students extend their range of language to enable them to discuss and write about the following topics:

  • School, subjects, comparison of systems.
  • Extracurricular activities.
  • Days of the week and time.
  • Opinions about subjects.
  • Food and eating places.
  • Food and restaurant preferences.

New grammatical concepts include:

  • Comparative and superlative of adjectives.
  • Expressing negatives.
  • The use of yang.
  • Expressing tense using sudah/belum.
  • Affixation.


  • Reading and listening comprehension tasks.
  • Vocabulary tests.
  • Workbook exercises.
  • Role play and dialogues.
  • Guided writing tasks.