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Year 8 Humanities


Common Unit

Unit Description

Unit 1: Landscapes and Landforms

Students begin by studying landscapes and their distinctive landform features. The focus is on geomorphic and gradational processes as well as the visual, cultural and spiritual value of landscapes. A fieldwork report is completed and students learn about human causes of land degradation, ways of protecting significant landscapes and the causes, impacts and responses to geomorphological hazards, such as volcanoes and earthquakes. Mountain and coastal landscapes are the primary areas of study in this unit.

Unit 2: Changing Nations

Students focus on the causes and consequences of urbanisation. Issues associated with urbanisation, such as urban concentration, urban settlement patterns, internal migration and the planning and management of an urban future is studied at a variety of scales including, local, regional and global.                              


  • Geographic skills test – Landscapes and landforms.
  • Fieldwork Report – Natural processes and human interactions with coastal landscapes.
  • Case Study: Research project on the issues and solutions caused by urbanisation.