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Year 8 Humanities


Common Unit

Unit Description

This course focusses on life after the fall of the Roman Empire spanning the period c.590 to c.1500.

Students investigate the influence of the Scandinavian Vikings and their impact on their neighbouring societies who they raided, and in some cases, conquered.

A in-depth study focussing solely on the ideas, advances and impact of the Renaissance era is undertaken. Students have the opportunity to broaden and hone their research skills collecting data, determining the provenance of sources and utilising correct citation conventions.

Students study the Medieval period of Japan under the shoguns (who ruled for over 700 years), including the study of samurais, shoguns and the emperor, the structure of society through feudalism, city and country life, law and order, spirituality and the arts.


  • Vikings: Source test.
  • Renaissance: Individual Depth Study.
  • Shogunate Japan: Essay.