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Year 9 LOTE




Year 8 Indonesian or equivalent.

Unit Description

As students embark on their third year of study of Indonesian, they are encouraged to extend their written and spoken language to prepare for LOTE study in Senior School and for use of the language in general. Active grammar learning becomes an integral part of the language study.

In Semester 1, topics include shopping for clothes, train travel and the environment. Students are expected to use more complex language in speaking and writing Indonesian. Grammar points covered include question words, imperatives, ber verbs, me verbs and ke-an words.

In Semester 2, topics include housing, food and a study of Yogyakarta. Related grammatical study covers ter verbs, conjunctions, active and passive voice and prepositions.


  • Writing tasks.
  • Vocabulary and grammar tests.
  • Oral performances.
  • Aural and reading comprehension tasks.
  • End of year examination.