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Year 9 Mathematics

Mathematics A

Acceleration Unit


This is an acceleration course which compacts the Year 9 Mathematics and Year 10 Mathematics A courses into one year. It is designed for students who have completed a highly successful Year 8 Mathematics course, have shown great interest in mathematics by completing extension materials and have demonstrated the excellent skills and study habits necessary to cope with the rigours of VCE studies in Year 10. The course aims to prepare students for studying VCE Mathematical Methods Units 1 and 2 in Year 10. The intention is that these students progress to study IB Mathematics – Higher Level or VCE Specialist Mathematics in Years 11 and 12.

Students enrolled in this course study a full year of Year 10 Mathematics A, as well Year 9 Mathematics as a Semester 1 elective. They participate in several state and national mathematics competitions and Mathematics Games Days.​

During Term 3, Year 8 students who are interested in this course undergo an application process where they complete a project and a test. Successful candidates receive a letter of invitation from the Leader of Learning - Mathematics and Computing.​

Please note that it is not permissible for students attempting this course to also participate in the Cultural Experience Program. 

Unit Description

Students build on skills in number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and probability and statistics. Problem-solving and modelling is developed progressively throughout the course using real life situations to improve the student's ability to think laterally and write coherently on a mathematical topic. CAS technology is used extensively in the course, both as an instructional aid and a computational tool.

Essential Questions

  • What are the relationships between the angles and sides in polygons and circles?
  • What does the gradient of a straight line represent and how is this useful in the real world?
  • How is our number system structured to include surds and logarithms?
  • Where do quadratic relationships occur and how do we model these?
  • What is probability and how do we model the chance of events occurring?
  • What is the difference between linear and quadratic equations and how do we solve them?


  • Topic tests common with Year 10 Mathematics A.
  • Problem-solving extension tasks.
  • Year 10 Mathematics A semester examinations.