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Year 9 Mathematics

Mathematics Consolidation

Core Enrichment Unit


Mathematics Consolidation is only selected upon recommendation by the School.

Students studying in the Numeracy class are not able to select this elective.

Unit Description

The aim of this support unit is to consolidate the skills developed in the core Mathematics course. The course enables students to develop their mathematical understanding and gain confidence in their mathematical skills. Upon invitation, students are able to study Mathematics Consolidation during Semester 1 or Semester 2, or both.

Students complete activities that demonstrate the concepts covered in Mathematics in a more concrete manner. Computer software is to enhance learning and assist student progress. Extensive revision of work covered in the Year 8 course is undertaken as necessary.

There is also an emphasis on basic number skills that assist students to progress more quickly and smoothly through their mathematical exercises.


  • Basic skill tests.
  • Review tasks.
  • Topic tests.