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Year 10 English

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support

Semester Elective Unit


There are no prerequisites for this course. Entry is determined as part of language testing conducted prior to entry to Senior School.

Course Description

This course aims to provide EAL students with practical support and advice in English. It draws on and strengthens existing language skills and knowledge. Oral and aural skills are emphasised especially in light of the new VCE curriculum which includes a listening skills assessment, both as internal and external assessments. The course also includes close study of linguistic features, structures and meaning in Standard Australian English and in literary and non-literary texts. These elements, along with the pastoral support offered, help to improve the performance of EAL students across all of their subjects. 

Essential Questions

  • How is English structured correctly using punctuation, sentence structures and paragraphing?
  • How is tense used to create meaning and for different purposes?
  • How can we make writing cohesive and coherent?
  • How does the English language change according to context and purpose?
  • How do writers use language to suit their audience, purpose and form?

Areas of Study

  • English for everyday and academic purposes.
  • English for self expression.
  • Study of fiction and non-fiction texts.


Task Description
Annotation and note-taking Annotation of texts to show understanding of English and its purposes.
Oral presentations Presentation to peers on a topic of the student's choice.
Listening assessment Listening test to assess aural skills.
Essay writing Analytical essay and essay promoting a point of view.